Emerging Media and Our Consumption

There’s only one way to start something new or uncomfortable and that’s just to do it! I’m not much of a blogger. I’ve had some experience with blogging in another course and at a previous job, but blogging never really appealed to me. Maybe it was because the topics weren’t of particular interest to me. However, over the next 9 weeks this blog will attempt to highlight topics in the world of emerging media and their relationship to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).

So what exactly is emerging media? I define emerging media as innovative, digital technology concepts used as a two-way means of communicating and sharing ideas. A more formal definition from Ball State University defines emerging media as “the evolving use of technology and digital content to enhance work, play, and learning, to broaden access to information, and to enrich personal connection by eliminating the constraints of time and location”. However one may view emerging media, it’s happening and is changing the world we live in everyday.

Emerging media matters because it shows the advancement of technology and how we communicate with one another. Media has moved beyond the traditional one-way communication of TV, radio, and print. Today’s media, such as social media, blogs, and mobile create conversations, drive brand engagement, and encourage sharing. Emerging media gives a voice to consumers and allows brands to connect with consumers anytime and anyplace.

The influence of emerging media is mostly good but “are we ready, willing, and able to deal with the flood of information pouring in from phones, tablets, glasses, clothes, bracelets, and watches?” (CNET, 2014). Answers show that more data from more devices isn’t — or at least, shouldn’t be — the goal. Data should be succinct, highly personal, and easily digestible.

Data by Minute



  1. Yes, as a consumer I feel empowered to connect and engage with brands in more ways than one. With the help of social media I have more options of connecting to brands than ever before. Whether its’s to complain, compliment, or participate I love the two-way communication that today’s digital platforms bring!


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