The World Wide Web: Yesterday & Today

It’s amazing how much has changed in just the past 10 years as it relates to the Internet. It seems like dial up Internet was just yesterday and now we can access the web from just about anywhere. “In 2014, the global number of internet users reached a total of 2.4 billion, and is expected to rise to 3 billion by 2015, with growth mainly being contributed by emerging markets” (Digital Portal, 2014).

Leading Countries by year-on-year Internet user growth.


“By the end of 2015, the number of Internet users worldwide will have soared up to 3 billion meaning that 42% of the world population will be connected, a massive increase from 17.6% in 2006” (Digital Portal, 2014). What a difference 9 years has made. Internet growth can be contributed to advancements in technology, growing youth population, and rich Internet content.

Increased Internet usage has had a profound affect on the growth of digital advertising. “U.S. interactive advertising revenues for 2013 hit an all-time high of $42.8 billion, according to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for the full-year, exceeding broadcast television advertising revenues ($40.1 billion), for the first time ever” (iab, 2014). This is a great indicator as to where marketers are focusing their efforts and the potential reach that it has. “Digital marketing generates large reach and many possibilities to create impact across consumers’ purchase consideration processes, both critically important to advertisers as they seek marketing investments that have value” (iab, 2014).

2014 Internet advertising started with record-breaking highs. “Internet advertising revenues in the U.S. reached $11.6 billion for the first quarter of 2014, marking a 19 percent increase over the same period in 2013” (iab, 2014).

The following chart highlights quarterly ad revenue since 1996; dollar figures are rounded.




  1. You are so correct. It is amazing how thing just changed in the last 10 years related to the Internet and now for digital marketing. Adding to your information, individual companies intend to increase digital marketing budget by 8 percent in 2015. (Gartner, 2014) Gartner Survey “found that of the 51 percent of companies who plan to increase their digital marketing budget in 2015,” they are planning an increase of 17 percent. Gartner’s research vice president, Laura McLellan, said the “line between digital and traditional marketing continues to blur.” (Gartner, 2014) But the best part of the survey is that marketing budgets will increase in 2015 maybe this will translate to more job opportunities for IMC graduates.

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